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Having published my book on Sevenoaks War Memorial, I’m now researching the town and its residents during the First World War. Please do get in touch if you have a connection to Sevenoaks during 1914-1918 – did your ancestor fight, nurse, work in factories or support the war effort in another way?

I would love to hear any stories you might know and build a detailed picture of how the conflict affected the ordinary people of Sevenoaks. Please either leave a comment below or email me at matt@sevenoaksww1.org

I hope to hear from you.



3 thoughts on “Getting in touch

  1. Harry Hodgson Cripps, Sevenoaks, Masterton, NZ. Harry is the son of Thomas Cripps and grandson of Isaac Cripps from Sevenoaks Kent. Isaac Cripps settled in NZ and purchased his farm in 1857. Quite a journey to get here! He named the farm Sevenoaks, decendants (my husband)and I still live and work the farm today and it is still called Sevenoaks.


  2. Harry Cripps was my great uncle he had one brother and two sisters , I remember uncle harry telling me the story of how my uncle donald died at the age of 14


  3. Nurse May Benson was my great-aunt and I met her a couple of time when I was a child. May had 5 brothers, my grand-father was the youngest. Four of them participated to the World War 1 in Russia, Turkey and France. My grand-father was injured at the ‘Bataille de la Somme’ near a town named ‘Albert’. May Benson and her brothers were orphans and had been adopted by their aunt and uncle Alice & Henry Andrews leaving in Sevenoaks. I can share what I know about this family. Do not hesitate to contact me. After WW1, my grand-father settled in France and so I am french.

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