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  1. Ref: WW1 – 2nd Lt William Guy Cronk … East Kent Regiment.

    This may be of interest. I was attending a Hampshire auction this afternoon and saw the above officer’s Death Plaque together with 3 campaign medals go up for sale. The estimate was £200 to £300 and, after fierce bidding, they went under the hammer for £1650. As a WW2 soldier’s daughter It always fills me with sadness to see medals sold. Is it that the family is no longer there or, they have fallen into financial difficulties to make a sale necessary?


    1. Hello Rosemarie, thanks for this information. I’m annoyed it didn’t show up on my regular searches but consoled by the fact that I wouldn’t have bid so high! That’s quite a price for a trio and plaque. I think that quite often the family line has died out and there has been a house clearance or similar (this often happened in the past when WW1 militaria wasn’t as valued as it is today). However sometimes the family just isn’t interested and would rather have the money. I have some medals from our men on the memorial where all the direct family lines have died out and I’ve written about that here https://sevenoaksww1.org/2015/02/19/searching-for-private-miles/

      Thanks again for getting in touch.



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